Our experience in kitesurfing, after more than ten years dedicating ourselves to the teaching of this sport, has led us to perfect our teaching system year after year with different techniques depending on the knowledge and skills of each student. We classify students by levels. In each of the levels, we are concerned with providing the necessary theoretical information and correcting the student’s movements and position so that the evolution in learning is quick and correct. We adapt the courses according to the previous experience of each person in this way, we customize the teaching method.

100% RETURN GUARANTEE – If the conditions do not allow us to take the course, we will refund your money.


It’s your first day, so you have to familiarize yourself with the kite.

You will learn the theoretical, technical and practical bases:

· Practical exercises with a traction kite

  · Assembly of equipment and safety measures.

· Understanding of the wind window and the power zones.

· Control of the bar and necessary movements.

· How to direct and control a kite to create power.

· Know the measure of the lines and how it affects the power of the kite.

In general, practice in the sand to become familiar with the kite and gain confidence to go to the water quickly.

Good control is the key to progress.


Once we control the kite and its movements, now it’s your turn to enter the water and demonstrate your kite skills (Bodydrag).

This new exercise is to move, sliding through the water using the power of the kite.

You will have the first sensations of kite pulling in the water. Once you have good control, we will do it with the table.

You will also learn how to lift the kite when it has fallen into the water.


After the bodydrag, now it’s time to put on the board and try to get up.

We have to know how to lift the kite from the water in case it has fallen, place the board, control the balance and start practicing the waterstart.

This exercise will give you the first sensations on the table.

We will correct your position and movements so that you can get there, get up and navigate.

We will practice the waterstart intensively to get the first meters on the board.


If you have already tried to stand on the board, you get it but still do not sail many meters, you have to start navigating and perfecting the style. From this moment you will use your skills to navigate more and more meters each time. At that time you will be independent.


· Waterstart in both directions

·  Navigate at low speed or create power and speed

·  Change direction


Once we sail, we start with the process of improvement with the supervision of our team of instructors.

  • Navigate in both directions (left and right).
  • Navigate Up Wind, that is, against the wind.
  • Transitions You will learn to change direction, from one side to the other without stopping to navigate.
  • Navigate in switch.


Kite course – Advanced level

In this level we include general and security theory about each and every one of the different tricks, step by step. In addition to much more technical and professional information.

  • Jumps
  • Rotations
  • Grabs
  • Unhook
  • Etc…